Zanita's Tale - Session 6

[Sojourn: Weak hit] (Recuperate, Resupply: at max health/supply) I spent that night and the next morning resting up. Aralu’s tea seemed to be doing me a world of good and their company was soothing, but sooner than I wanted it was time to go. It was only just sinking in for me how much of my life had revolved around hating Elves for something they didn’t do. I still resented them a little because dad gave up his life for them, but I also knew that he did it for me too. [Read More]

What I've Been Missing

Today I had something of an epiphany. I’ve been struggling with existential dread for some time. The last 6 months or so especially. There’s been a nagging voice at the back of my head that won’t let me forget that I’m going to die one day. That everything I experience, everything I love, everything that brings me any joy will be gone. That I will cease to exist and stop experiencing existence. [Read More]

Zanita's Tale - Session 5

Aralu asked me to stay in Red Home for a day or so while they made preparations for Adda’s ‘punishment’. Apparently the help I was getting was Aralu themself fighting at my side. It came as a relief, I didn’t want to face the Ghoul alone. It was terrifying and I needed a little time out of Raven Wood to process what I’d been told about dad. “So what was this ritual that he did? [Read More]

Ko Fi

This feels odd It turns out that my Ironsworn campaign app was a lot more popular than I was expecting which might mean I spend a bit more on hosting for this website. So to mitigate that I set up a ko-fi page. Being very British I am deeply disconcerted about people giving me anything. I blush at compliments and they warm my tiny, tea-stained heart. I also want to be 100% up front about this. [Read More]

Zanita's Tale - Session 4

Sword in hand now I took stock of my bearings and decided to just start walking. [Undertake a Journey: Strong Hit] I quickly found my way back to the clearing where I’d killed those bandits. The bodies still littered the forest floor. No time to hang around though. I had a job to do. [Undertake a Journey: Weak Hit] I ate some and fed Poe. I would soon be out of food altogether. [Read More]

Zanita's Tale - Session 3

And there it was, a village grown out of the living trees. I don’t know how the Elves convince trees to grow like that but it’s a hell of a talent. Last time I saw an Elf village I was 7. Last time I entered the woods I was 7. They’ll pay for that. The village was grown around a central pillar, one of the old Iron obelisks. I’m pretty sure the pillars are older than the spindlers, no idea what made them. [Read More]

Zanita's Tale - Session 2

“Ok Nak, so how do I kill it?” “Search me Zan, it’s a legend. I didn’t think they even existed any more. The elves were meant to have killed ’em all off ages ago.” “Well clearly they didn’t. So, am I right in thinking I’m going to need to go talk those bloody twigs to get some information?” “Seems like it. Look, I know you ain’t fond of them but you might want to put your temper on a leash. [Read More]

Zanita's Tale - Session 1

This is session 1 one of my Ironsworn playthrough. The story of Zanita, a young Warden eager to prove her worth. Zanita comes from the wealthy town of Raven Wood that sits on the crossroads of the Flooded Lands, The Deep Wilds and Southern edge of the Havens. Raven Wood has decent relations with the Elves, their hunters are allowed to enter the woods on the condition that they don’t delve too far. [Read More]

Spire Apps

Spire Apps, Apps for Spire I’m a massive fan of Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor’s Spire: The City Must Fall TTRPG. It’s one of my favourite games to run. Anyone that knows Spire knows that rules-as-written the GM is meant to track Stress and Fallout but that doesn’t always suit every group. For those GMs that do track stress there’s a handy app call Spire Companion which is very clever and cool but it lacks a couple of features that I wanted. [Read More]
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Why do podcast apps suck? Ok, so this is largely hyperbole. But I did get so irritated with finding a podcast app that did what I want that I ended up writing one. You can see how that project is going on my github. This post is more an overview of why I made it and what it does. What should a podcast app do? Fundamentally, at least in my opinion, a podcast is a book; a series of chapters that should be consumed in order. [Read More]