I'm going to be a father

It’s pretty much all in the title. We had the 12 week scan yesterday and baby is healthy. Come December I’m going to be a father. I’m simultaneously overjoyed and terrified. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Fun With Data

I’ve been quiet for a while because there’s not been much to say that isn’t already covered by the general malaise that surrounds the shitshows that are Brexit and the Trump presidency. I recently configured my fox-replace addon in firefox to subsititute all instances of “Trump” with “Tangerine Twitler”. It brought a weary smile to my face for a bit but it’s getting old fast. On a lighter and more frivolous note I’ve been playing with Plotly.

This Week In The World

It’s been an interesting week So this week Emperor Trump has had a bit of a meltdown. This has been highly amusing but is no laughing matter. Until the Tango Napoleon is either out of office (either by impeachment or some other form of disposal) no one will be safe from the wrath of herr Tiny Fingers. For my part I have updated Trumpcraft with some of his newer speeches and it now contains the complete works of HP Lovecraft’s fiction as available from HPLovecraft.


Is It Good? Yes, yes it is. Holy shit. It’s amazing. So What Is it? ABZU is a game of exploration and discovery. It’s about seeing this beautifully handcrafted world of underwater majesty and swimming around in it. Without going into spoilers, it’s an incredible journey through a world that is both stunning and superbly realised. Throughout the game both the visuals and the sound design expertly realise the nature of the world around you.

No Man's Sky Has Gone Gold

It’s really happening! This is Hello Games last night: It's happened. No Man's Sky just went gold. I'm so incredibly proud of this tiny team. 4 years of emotions pic.twitter.com/YJoI6JVgxq — Sean Murray (@NoMansSky) July 7, 2016 Presumably they’re all nursing some very well earned hangovers this morning. So now we just have to patiently wait for the release in (function() { var f = function(n) { return n 0) { el.

Ignorance or Mendacity? The Dangers of Censorship

Whilst the chaos and fallout of the UK’s vote to leave the EU is still settling the Govt has been pushing through some of its more poorly thought out and illiberal legislation, presumably in some attempt to pander to the technologically illiterate majority of Little Englanders. What am I talking about? Why the Digital Economy Bill of course. Whilst the bill covers a number of areas, I’d like to focus on one section in particular: Porn.

Why I'm voting Remain

I’ve seen a lot of arguments about the EU referendum and two that I keep seeing brought up by the Leave camp are the idea that the EU is undemocratic and the concept of ‘taking back’ sovereignty. Let’s address the question of democracy first. Is It Democratic, Nick? TL;DR: Yes. The structure of the EU is no less democratic than that of the UK; in some ways it’s more democratic.

What's Wrong With The Games Industry

I don’t know how well this might be received but ultimately I believe that the biggest problems with the Games industry these days are two-fold. The triple A industry and Over saturation of information I get that the triple A companies put a lot of money into massive titles that sell huge amounts but there’s a fundamental problem with a lot of AAA content. Firstly It’s boring, it’s stereotypical, predictable and entirely driven by what a few Games Industry Executives think the market wants.

Worlds of the Cypher System - Gods of the Fall

Holy buckets of awesome sauce the rewards from Monte Cook’s Worlds of the Cypher System kickstarter have started rolling out! I got my 10 Glimmers yesterday which was great but the real reason I backed the campaign, the settings books and expanded worlds book, started to roll out today and I just got Gods of the Fall. And it’s beautiful. But is it good, Nick? TL;DR: Yes. The poster maps, oh my, the poster maps.