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December 18, 2016

Is It Good

Yes, yes it is. Holy shit. It’s amazing.

So What Is it

ABZU is a game of exploration and discovery. It’s about seeing this beautifully handcrafted world of underwater majesty and swimming around in it. Without going into spoilers, it’s an incredible journey through a world that is both stunning and superbly realised. Throughout the game both the visuals and the sound design expertly realise the nature of the world around you. There are moments of great tension and there are moments of sheer adoration as you navigate this sub-surface newtopia that is rendered before you.

Should I play it

Yes. Yes you should. Right now. It’s incredible.

There were moments in ABZU where I nearly cried, it was so pretty, its ideas realised so well. The direction and artistry of this game is everything I expected from many of the same minds that created Journey and I was not dissappointed in the slightest. If anything I was wowed by the sheer artistry of this project. It was a breath-taking experience.


Play it. Play it right now.

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