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MongoDB, a saga of failure

June 08, 2016

Let’s start unambiguously; I hate MongoDB, it’s a hipster fad for idiots that like to jump on tech bandwagons even though better and more mature solutions exist. Why am I posting this? Because of things like this.

“If you search a MongoDB database for entries, you get back a cursor, which points to the first entry in the set of results. You then iterate the cursor to obtain each result in the set one by one. So far so good. Except, according to Glasser, if an update happens during the iteration, an entry that should be in the set could be whipped out before the query thread has a chance to see it. The end result? MongoDB queries don’t always return all matching documents.”

That’s right, MongoDB doesn’t give you dirty reads, it completely omits records if an update occurs during a query. What the actual fuck? As if all the problems they have with losing data constantly weren’t bad enough.

Thankfully, there exists a youtube video that perfectly expresses how I feel about MongoDB and noSQL hipster web-douche-velopers (not the best term I’ve ever coined but it’ll do).

I think that sums it up nicely.

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