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February 20, 2018

It’s been an exciting 6 months. I’ve been parenting. As I posted earlier last year, I was going to be a father. Well, now I am a father to a beautiful baby boy. He is the light of my life and an adorable little poop machine who firmly believes that sleep is for the weak.

Well, other people getting sleep is out. He sleeps when he wants. I’ve been trying write some code here and there but I’ve not had much time for projects.

Here’s a brief summary of what I did manage to get done since July last year:

  • Recently rewrote a large chunk of the old lotto project into a command line utility called Stalotto, y’know, cos it’s sharp and to the point. I’m officially allowed to make dad jokes now.
  • Wrote a simple Go implementation of the basic functions of the *nix command ‘df’ as a library called, unimaginatively, go-df. That project largely came about because I needed some automated storage reporting on a few servers at work.
  • Wrote a CLI MUD client for shits and giggles
  • Just updated my hugo site theme “Menhir” to Bulma 0.6.2, which mostly involved rewriting the navbar.

I also wrote a simple dice library and a very cheap and nasty SQL query generator but the less said about that, the better.

In retrospect I didn’t do too badly but the real adventure of the last 3 months has been parenthood. As I write this now, my tiny human is asleep and will hopefully stay that way for at least another hour or so. Hopefully.

I won’t be posting any pictures of him here. He’s too young to consent to that kind of thing being shared. Suffice to say that he is obviously the cutest baby ever and does not have 7 inch claws extending from each of his 6 appendages or eyes that glow a deepest crimson when his blood milk is late.

Little else to add. I’m going to look into finding a simple way of embedding vuejs apps into hugo pages that doesn’t involve blood rites or scuffing up my floor with ritual chalk.


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