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April 05, 2017

I’ve been quiet for a while because there’s not been much to say that isn’t already covered by the general malaise that surrounds the shitshows that are Brexit and the Trump presidency. I recently configured my fox-replace addon in firefox to subsititute all instances of “Trump” with “Tangerine Twitler”. It brought a weary smile to my face for a bit but it’s getting old fast.

On a lighter and more frivolous note I’ve been playing with Plotly.js which has been fun. And as an experiment I built a microsite that does some basic data visualisation and analysis of UK Lottery data. You can see that site here. if, for some masochistic reason, you’re interested in the code behind that then you can find it here. I’m constantly updating and tweaking the types of graph and results data available and the microsite updates itself whenever a new draw is done so there’s fresh data twice a week but this was an amusing excercise and nothing else.

I would stress that no conclusions should be drawn form the information it produces as anyone with a vague understanding of maths can see that the results are largely random. There are some curious trends here and there but I consider them statistical flukes more than anything else.

I’ve also been playing with Vue.js and might rewrite the lotto and bizzle microsites in it at some point as it feels cleaner than jQuery. We shall see…

UPDATE: I did end up rewriting the Lotto app in VueJS, this led to me abandoning PlotlyJS in favour of Vue ChartJS because, at the time of writing, Plotly breaks when compiling with WebPack. Another nice side effect of creating these apps in Vue is that it is very easy to import them into pages on this site using the custom_js and custom_css variables that I created for the Menhir theme as all I need to do is include a div with id of “app” and add the appropriate css and js files.

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