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February 17, 2017

It’s been an interesting week

So this week Emperor Trump has had a bit of a meltdown. This has been highly amusing but is no laughing matter. Until the Tango Napoleon is either out of office (either by impeachment or some other form of disposal) no one will be safe from the wrath of herr Tiny Fingers.

For my part I have updated Trumpcraft with some of his newer speeches and it now contains the complete works of HP Lovecraft’s fiction as available from HPLovecraft.com

This turned out to be no small feat given that their HTML looks like something out of a Lovecraftian nightmare devised by Nyarlathotep himself. I have never before encountered a website so badly written that it actually broke Firefox’s Dev tools ability to parse the HTML document tree. That’s an achievement in and of itself.

However I managed it and have published the code on github because it proved a mildly amusing challenge. On a serious note. That’s possibly the worst HTML I’ve ever seen.

In other news, I’ve recently got around to watching Southbound and Green Room and was horrifically pleasantly surprised by both. Good movies. Watch them if you like horror.

That will be all for now.

Deal with it.

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