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Elite: Dangerous On PS4

July 12, 2017

Perhaps a little late to the party but I’ve started playing Elite: Dangerous on PS4 (with the Horizons expansion). Thankfully I’ve got the Pro so I can get the benefit of the more powerful …

The Future

June 24, 2017

Something I’ve been devoting a great deal of time to lately has been the future. It is worth noting before I continue that I have Aspergers Syndrome (AKA High Functioning Autism). My wife is …

Homebrewing the Discworld

June 22, 2017

I’ve been playing with the idea of running a Discworld campaign in D&D 5e and in doing so realised there a number of changes that need to be factored in. Races First up, the number races in …

Fun With Data

April 05, 2017

I’ve been quiet for a while because there’s not been much to say that isn’t already covered by the general malaise that surrounds the shitshows that are Brexit and the Trump …