Apps wot I made CLI SWNT - Command line tools for Stars Without Number Yapa - Command line podcast aggregator and player Web Spire Sheet - A character sheet app for the Spire RPG Spire Campaign - A campaign management app for the Spire RPG Iron Journal - An app for running solo Ironsworn campaigns Iron Journal 2 - Iron Journal 2: Perilous Boogaloo Stargazer - The Starforged Iron Journal Quest - A super simple little app for tracking NPCs, items, and scenes for Quest RPG Questling - A character sheet app for Quest RPG Dragonbane - A character sheet app for Free League’s new edition of Drakar och Demoner BREAK! [Read More]

Spire Apps

Spire Apps, Apps for Spire I’m a massive fan of Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor’s Spire: The City Must Fall TTRPG. It’s one of my favourite games to run. Anyone that knows Spire knows that rules-as-written the GM is meant to track Stress and Fallout but that doesn’t always suit every group. For those GMs that do track stress there’s a handy app call Spire Companion which is very clever and cool but it lacks a couple of features that I wanted. [Read More]
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